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Setting Up of Heritage Clubs

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Delhi ranks as one of the most ancient and historic cities of India. It has been the capital of mighty empires and powerful kingdoms. It has seen the ebbs and flow of many civilizations. The ruins of Delhi mark the sites of various cities-both ancient and medieval-each of which has a history of its own. Delhi is undoubtedly a treasure trove of heritage and culture. The beauty of city's rich heritage is reflected in every aspect of its culture and life. Unfortunately, many of our heritage treasures and traditional practices are taken for granted by people today. Hence, there is a need to sensitize the community towards our heritage through this chain of trainers, teachers and children. To preserve this rich cultural heritage of Delhi, it is proposed to involve school students by way of setting-up Heritage Clubs in the Govt. Schools under Govt. of NCT of Delhi. In this way, we may not only create the heritage awareness amongst the students but also involve the students in maintaining and preserving heritage of Delhi.

Under the Heritage Club, every student who becomes a member of heritage club will be motivated to participate in heritage conservation and to learn more about their local and natural heritage.

The heritage club programmes are designed so as to involve students in various activities geared towards heritage awareness and education for:

a) Learning a Craft

b) Museum Education & Outreach Programmes

c) Training Museum Guides

d) Conservation at Home and at School

e) Heritage Radio Programme

f) Rural Heritage Education and Skill Development

g) Children's Programmes at Heritage Festivals

h) Making of films on culture and heritage

i) Guided Tours of monuments, museums, archives etc.

j) Quiz

k) Organizing exhibition, symposia etc. to arouse heritage awareness amongst Children

l) Heritage Mela in every year may be organized on International Heritage Day (18th April) by involving students of Delhi. Exhibitions, Symposia, Quiz's etc. may be organized during the week and students be encouraged to prepare a documentary, model, exhibition, paper etc.

Therefore, there is need to address this question by launching campaign of school Heritage Clubs in Delhi. The campaign can be launched by the Department of Delhi Archives, basically involves setting up Heritage Clubs in schools to create awareness of and appreciation for local heritage amongst children. The Heritage Club project endeavours to create awareness of local culture and heritage among people in the community by using the force of children. It is expected to bring out a change in the attitude of elders by sensitizing children.

Activities of the school-based Heritage Clubs include conserving heritage monuments, creating awareness of prevalent endangered species and popularizing traditional practices in various fields.

Heritage Clubs can be a laboratory to explore the linkages between different subjects and to create a platform for interdisciplinary approach to education. The activities of the heritage clubs may start by creating heritage walks but there must be calendar of events surrounding a monument that could form post walk activities for different age groups/ classes to work out exhibits, projects, travel exhibits. The activities around one heritage landscape can be elaborated in a manner that a monument a year can be work for the entire year for the school under the aegis of the heritage club.