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Part I. Residency Records  
Anglo Arabic school 1872-1885
Ballabgarh  1860-1875
Ex-King of Delhi 1837-1877
Clearance of Chandni Chowk 1859-89
Clearance of Ellen Borough Tank 1859-60
Nawab Hamid Ali Khan 1857-60
Delhi College 1857-94
Dyce Sombre case 1864-67
Lock Hospital 1866-96
Ballabhgarh 1860-75
Jagir of Mir Illahi Baksh 1858-92
Jagir of Khwaja Nisa Begum 1877
Mutiny Papers 1857
Mutineers 1857-1883
Nawab Hamid Ali Khan 1857-1877
Pension cases 1858-1893
Services Rendered During Mutiny 1857-1863
Grant of Pension to the Heirs of Mirza Elahee Baksh 1860-1904
Miscellaneous Documents 1864-1875
PART-II. Commissioner Records  
Commissioner     1857-1939  
Part-III. Chief Commissioner  


Home Department 1913-65
Foreign Department 1913-37
Finance Department 1913-65
Commerce & Industries Department 1913-21
Commerce Department 1921-37
Industry Department 1921-37
Education Department 1913-37
Railway Department 1913-37
PWD 1913-37
Military Department 1913-37
Revenue & Agriculture Department 1913-37
Confidential Department 1913-60
Local Self-Government 1937-65
Rationing Department & Civil Supplies 1944-65
Passport & Permit Department 1947-65
Relief & Rehabilitation Department 1948-55
Revenue & Judicial Department 1949-52
Judicial Department 1952-65
General Administration Department 1949-55
Medical, Labour & Transport Department 1950-52
Legislative Assembly 1952-55
Endowment Department 1952-55
Development Department 1953-65
Part-IV : Chief Commissioner (conf.)  
Chief Commissioner (Conf.)       1911-1960
Part-V : Criminal Investigation Department 1915  
Part-VI : Manuscripts  
Part-VII : Farman's (Persian/Urdu records)  
Part-VIII : Trial papers  
Bahadur Shah Trial   
Registers No.1 Under Trial Prisoner
Register No.2 Convicted Prisoners
Register No.3 Civil Prisoners
Register No.4 Release Diary of Convicted to Civil Prisoners
Register No.8 Medical Officers Journal of the Jail
Register No. 16 Persons passing in and out of the Jail
Register No. 19 Prisoners Cash Property Accounts
Register No. 22 Convicted Persons
Register No. 27 Diary Register of the official receipts.
Register No. 28 Register of letters despatch
Register No. 42 Cash Book of machinery transactions.
Register No. 44 Prisoners put in work. Inside and outside the jail
Register No. 62 Interviews granted to prisoners and under trials
Register No. 69 Alphabetical Convicts Registers 
Part-X : Gazette  
Government of India 1871-2016
Delhi Gazette 1952-2016
Punjab Gazette 1888
Part-XI : Jail records files  
Part-XII : Photographs  
Private Collection  
Chief Commissioner  
Deputy Commissioner  
Chief Commissioner (conf.)  
Criminal Investigation Department   
Part-XIII : Cartographic Records  
Map Section map  
Deputy Commissioner Map 1836-1960
Chief Commissioner Map 1912-1924
Commissioner Map 1858-1942
Private Archives Map  
Part-XIV : Microfilm  
Part-XV : Microfiche