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Records Retention Schedule

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Records Retention Schedule is an important part of Records Management which decides the shelf life of a record according to its value and importance. The main objective of Records Retention Schedule is to ensure that a record should not be either destroyed prematurely or retained for a period longer than required.

According to Public Records Act 1993 (69 of 1993) Clause (e) of subsection (1) of section 6 and the Central Secretariat Manual of Office Procedure (Edition 12th 2012) (para 111(1) (d) and 111(2)) stipulates that every Records Creating Agency would compile a Retention Schedule for Records pertaining to substantive functions of their organization in consultation with the National Archives of India, which has to be vetted by the National Archives of India before its implementation.

Department of Delhi Archives is responsible for assessment of Records Retention Schedules for records pertaining to substantive functions of all Departments/Offices/PSUs of Government of NCT of Delhi.